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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Madurai trip || Birth of the Year - 2006

I went to Madurai on December 29th and 30th. On 29th Evening i reached college and met senthil. He took me to the newly setted CCC Lab at college. The Lab is really fine and the thing which i needed when i studied in college had been granted i.e 24 hrs Lab :) The CCC Lab had the newly bought HP servers, Blade Servers, NAS Box, SAN Box and many more. But as usual, most of the students using the system for checking mails. The admin of the lab really worried about this. Students must use this kind of opportunity for some good things not only for checking mails. That night me, senthil and praveen had a discussion about the current New TCENet development. On Friday i went to college to collect the Provisional Certificate and there i met the newly joined TCENet students. Had a nice chat with them. Started from madurai that night and reached Dharmapuri. Started to Bangalore on Saturday for celebrating new year 2006.
For the last 4 year i celebrated the New year in Hostel and this year in Bangalore at Uncle's house.
We bought cakes, cool drink to celebrate the new year. Exactly at 12:00, my cousin sliced the cake. The next moment most of the cake creams was in the face of us. Till 2'0 clock the celebration continues with dancing, chatting. In short we enjoyed a lot for this new year.
On Jan 1st evening me and my cousins went to Market show in Cox town. The next day the as usual routine starts.


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