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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Attakasam '05

Attakasam '05 - The Flood Lights cricket match conducted as part of TCE Men's Hostel Day Celebration. One night me and few of my friends where chatting together at mess to decide the name of the Flood Lights cricket match. After few names suggested we decided to name it as Attakasam '05. Initially few of the hostellers who were Vijay fans not accepted the name so we asked them to name. But no one is ready to do it. So we finally decided to name it as so. I didn't done any of the prepration work like buying bat, ball, etc., since i got works at Lab. We planned to conduct the match from Feb 25 th to Feb 28th. Yesterday we inaugurated the match by asking Principal to play a ball. Then the real excitement starts.
This time i played in the team name called Madurai Kuthurai. We had our first match at midnight 12:30 and we won the match.
The match i enjoyed the most is between Gubeer Jolly and First years. The players of Gubeer Jolly are really very funny. They weared vehicle Helmets for playing Tennis ball. Today morning the first match starts from 6:45 AM and i got my next match at Tommorrow morning 7:30 AM.

Monday, February 21, 2005

TCENet Portal Design

We decided to create new portal for our TCENet and we designed it and gave the coding work to our juniors since they are in learning process they are not able to do fast. But shalinie mam is worried about wastage of time. Today mam asked me and ponniah to do the coding work and Joe changed our entire design so the intranet would be more dynamic. Need to code HTML :-( and some alterations in JSP.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Few days before...

Feb 14 was declared as holiday for us. So me and many of my class mates decided to go to some place. We planned to go Alagar kovil hills. We started here on morning in 5 bikes. We reached there around 9 AM. On the way to hills we enjoyed the bike riding. We taken photos while riding . Keyan rode his bike around 80 km per hour. We went to Palamuthircholai and then climbed the hills and taken lot of photographs there. Then we went to Hawa Valley. In the evening we went to Exhibition and Rajaji Park and our journey of the day ends there. It was a nice trip.

GLUGOT Session #12

Today in GLUGOT we had a session on Microkernel development basics handled by Senthil Kumaran. He discussed about Kernel, type of kernel, GRUB Loader, Multiboot kernel and many more. Since its related to my project the session went very interesting for me. This time the strength of the meeting is high around 21 people attended. People from KLN, Southern Railways attended the meeting. Then after the session Joe spoked about Licenses. He told about GPL, MIT, LGPL, BSD etc. Then we watched the movie The Code. A nice picture about the community.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Today marathon was conducted here as part of Sports day activities. Last year also i participated and walked almost 3/4 th of the distance. The total distance is 7.2 km. Today I woke up early in the morning at 4:45 am and went to P.Ed department at 5:15 am. Nearly 400 students are there and then we were taken to the starting spot through our college bus. This year i wished to complete the marathon by running and not by walking. At 6:30 the marathon started, me and ponniah started running very slowly so that we finish entire distance by running. Near Natraj Theatre keyan came with a bike and offered me a ride but i refused and continued running. To my surprise i ran without stopping till Alagappa Nagar then walked around 150 meters. Then started to run again. Finally i reached the end line. I am the #466 to do it. Many peoples came in bus to the college bus stop and ran to the end line :-(
When i completed i feel very happy because i didn't expected that i would complete the distance by running :-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Goatee Design...

The goatee design is on

After a long time....

Today i am blogging after a long time. Just a small description of what happened in last 20 days.
I went home on January 25th for car festival at my native place. Many of my relatives came to the festival and i enjoyed a lot. On the same day my brother got his job in DELL at Bangalore. It adds to enjoyment. On ocassion of my parent's 25th anniversary on January 30 we along with my few class mates went to my aunt's house at Banglore to celebrate it. I presented a Photo frame to my parents. The function was a grand one. I returned to college on Jan 31 and here started the routine work (eating, attending classes, sleeping ). On the same day me and Ponniah was able to run the Bochs and started to code first task. Now we completed some preliminary works on first task.